[reference] Putting the Light Table to a test

After building the light table and before putting it to use, I wanted to test if it is bright enough. So I gathered prints that I did before on all kinds of different papers and checked if I can see them through blank sheets of paper.

For the blank sheets I used 150 gsm printing paper from Gerstaecker, and 300 gsm watercolor paper.
The printing paper should represent all kinds of sketching paper that I have, while the watercolor paper is the thickest paper, that I own. So if the light table works with the watercolor paper, it shlould work with any paper that I have.

The 54 gsm japan paper was printed with very pale colors and a gradient in the background. All the featured translated well onto the blank paper on top.

On the 130 gsm paper I used transparent oil based priting ink. Again it transfers perfect through the light table.

This paper is the same printing paper as the one that is beeing used as blank sheet. It was sketeched on with india ink and a white gel pen on top. The white of the gel pen is not beeing transfered onto the blank paper (details arounf eye and on the wing), as it is painted ontop of the black layer. Beside that the printing paper worked nicely.

Here is a reduction print on 80 gsm yellow stained paper. Since the brown and white tones are similar to the yellow background, they didnt transfer very well onto the blank paper. By pressing the paper down, the contrast got a bit stronger and a transfer was possbile.

This very dark print was done as a reduction print on 300 gsm watercolor paper. With another layer of watercolor paper, the transfer was very difficult. expecially the orange ontop of the green was very hard to see through the watercolor paper.

Again a dark print that was done with opaque oil inks as a reduction print. This was by far the worst to transfer, as the kraft paper blocks a lot of light already. More even than the watercolor paper. The overall outlines were easy to see, but the green and purple areas were basically undistinguishable. Same with purple and black.

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