[tutorial] Building a storage and drying cabinet for print screens

Before I moved into the Maschinenraum in Duisburg, I was screen printing at home and stored my coated screens in my bed drawer. Because I have no bed in the Maschinenraum, I need to find another solution to dry and store the screens.

It all starts with a plan:

Plan for the Drying Cabinet

With this plan I went to a hardware store to buy some 15 mm plywood and get it cut there. I also bought wheels, additional wood for the screens to rest on and some window seal for the door.

Back in the workshop, I first measured and screwed the slides into the side panels. The Screens will rest on them.

Slides for the screens to rest on were screwed to the side panels

Next I connected the sides with the top, bottom and back panel with screws. For higher stability, I added wooden beams at the top and bottom panel to screw into. I left them away at the front, because that is where the door will go.

After the corpus was finished, I contructed the door, usinf the last panes and leftover wood beams. Unfortunatley I forgot to take a picture of that step. Oooops.

After I made sure everything fits together, I seales all seams and corners with black acrylic, to seal the box from light completely.

After adding the door with the window seals I needed a way to get air in and out the box, so the screens can actually dry.

For this I cut holes in the top and bottom of the cabinet and connected them to AC hose, which I bend a few times, so no light can enter.

At the front I added four quick releases to close the door tightly. And done is the drying cabinet. I already tested it by making my first screen print in the workshop.

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