[collection] Lino Print Time #3

Here I show the creation of a multiblock print, I recently did.

This A6 postcard was done by printing with 4 lino blocks.

The design was planned in Inkscape and transferred onto the first lino block with acetone, as described here (Page 2). I then carved the design and attached Ternes Burton Registration Tabs, that I recently got to the postcard stock and aligned them all to fit the first block.

Two of the tabs I applied on a simple, leftover sheet of scrap paper. I then printed the first color – a pale yellow – on all the card stock.

After finishing the first round of printing, I printed the yellow layer on the scrap paper and then immediately replaced the lino block with a fresh one and applied strong pressure, to copy the wet paint onto the new block. I did this with all three fresh blocks.

My original plan was to now align a sheet of paper with the design on it to the printed areas and use the acetone method to transfer the outlines to the lino blocks. But since paper is opaque and transparent paper doesnt soak up acetone, I couldn’t do it. So I aligned the transparent paper to the yellow prints and used transfer paper to copy the outlines for each color onto the other blocks.

Finally I carved the blocks and printed the three other colors

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