[tutorial] UV Box

Soon I want to start doing cyanotypes. Since I live in Germany where there is no sun half the year and to get a standardized method of exposure, I build this UV box in a few minutes.

– Box
– Sticky Tape
– UV lamp (I used a 20W LED UV Spotlight)

For the build I centred the spotlight on top of the box, cut a hole that is 5 mm smaller on each side and strengthened the cut with some cut off pieces of cardboard.

At the bottom of the box, I fold in the flaps and stuck them to the inside walls to sturdy up the box, since the spotlight is quite heavy.

Finally I tested if the spotlight iluminates the box evenly and if UV light is leaking somewhere. Everything was looking good. Soon i can start the first tests with cyanotypes.

The box fits an A4 sheet easily. A3 does not fit. If i want to do bigger prints, i have to wait for a bigger box to arrive!

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